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When the great poet and logician , Sr I Venkat Esa Kavi resembling Sr I Bh Ashyak Arar shines with all his glories , why would you need to worship simple souls of inconsequentail achievements ? Comments on the Taniyan ******************** Swamy Desikan's creation of this Prabhandham is saluted as Sadh-var Nanam ( the Description of the auspicious subject ) of the steps to climb to reach Sr I Vaikuntam .The author of the Taniyan states that Swamy Desikan used that Sadh-var Nanam as an excuse ( Vy Ajeekruthya) to shed the light on the splendour of the assembly of gems collected from the ocean-like , vast Ved Antha Saasthrams for the benefit of the residents of Bh Ul Okam ( iha Sareer Ar Nava-rathna-j Atham sarvasa: pr Ach Ikasath ).Various Idols, Panchagajam, God Costumes, God Stickers, Kumkum & Turmeric, Aarti, Yanthram, Bell.All your needs for Pooja items can be found in one site. Next we became the object of mercy of Sr I Venkat Esa Kavi of illustrious fame and boundless generosity , born in Th Uppul agrah Aram , who revealed to us the nine steps climbed by a Jeevan step by step to reach our Lord's Supreme abode and to eternally serve Him there as Muktha Jeevan .Comments on the Tamil Taniyan ************************** The choice of words and assembly of those chosen words by the author of this Taniyan in to beautiful passages are resonant with deep tatthv Ar Tams covered in Swamy Desikan's Prabhandham .I enjoy going out for dinner with friends and then to the local bars.In my home town I can do this,' he told the publication.

Here , the Jeevan arrives at the end station of Sri Vaikuntam , which is beyond the prakruthi mandalam .

At this time, when Sri Vaikunta Ek Adasi is approaching , it is an appropriate grantham to meditate upon in conjunction with Sri Vaikunta Gadhyam of our Param Ach Ary A , Sri Raam Anuj A . The fourth step is Bheethi or fear , nay terror over the thought that this sams Ara anubhavam may recur .

The organization of this Grantham The nine steps in the ladder to reach Parama Padham , the divine abode of Sriman Naar Aya NA ( Sri Vaikuntam ) , is covered here through nine chapters : 1. The fifth step is Pras Adha Hethu : , where the ch Ethan A practises one or the other Up Ayams ( Prapatthi or Bhakthi ) The sixth step is uthkrama Nam , where the Jeevan leaves the bodily cage through he special naadi ( nerve center in the head ) The seventh step is Archir Adhi maarga pray ANam , where the journeying jeevan is greeted and sped on its way by the different adhik Aris lining the way to Sri Vaikuntam The Eighth step is the Prakruthi-athikr Antha -padha -adhir Oha Nam .

Here are some examples of the skills of the poet , who composed this Taniyan to pay his tribute to Swamy Desikan's Prabhandham : (1) Mahaa Lakshmi is saluted here as " t En y ERu Th Amaray AL " ( the auspicious lady with Aak Ara Thrayam having the beautiful lotus flower as Her chosen abode .

That lotus flower is dripping with honey and sampath due to Her association (Sambhandham).

We gained true Jn~Anam and Vair Agyam to empower us to reject the deep and dangerous ditch of Sams Aram.