Dating for sexoholics

17-Oct-2017 21:42

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My expectations were low, my optimism high, and my libido at a healthy middle ground.

Little did I know how unprepared I was for the headaches and heartache that were to come.

The guy told me on the second date that I knew 90 per cent of his life, so I thought, why keep dating at all!?

To my surprise, I learned that people with no personalities do exist, and they point this out in their online profiles with the phrase “good listener” (This is code for awful conversationalist with no opinions).

He made me realize that strangers from different corners of the Earth can have their lives intertwine perfectly for a moment and then unwind just as quickly.

The specifics of conversations and order of events fade, but details like the gentle bump on his nose or the way he kissed my neck still haunt me.

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By sharing your deepest and darkest thoughts with someone before you ever see them face to face, you create an ideal character on the other end who can’t possibly live up to the reality. The worst part is when they play into the character—sometimes they woo you with romantic promises, and sometimes they say phrases dirty enough to be forever burned into your fantasy. They are shy and the date is platonic, except for that one sexy moment that you accidentally bump elbows. It was my first true rejection, where I was vulnerable and wanted only him, but he wasn’t interested in anything serious.This is not to say that it was love; at best, it was an infatuation, and I’ve always been one to confuse chaos with passion.

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