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And not to be cruel to anyone, but with the market diving like it's been, if you are financially irresponsible,,,,,,well nobody is going to want you.

I have some old(no expiration date) coupons my ex printed out on the computer. There are no names on them, just what they are good for. I was surprised to see that no one has said anything negative about this idea yet.

I have to work hard for money, is it too much to ask that she spends it wisely?

Really, no serious guy wants some Paris Hilton wannabe.

Mi járna a fejedben, ha egy napon arra ébrednél, hogy a Föld utolsó lakói közt vagy néhány utastársaddal együtt egy hajó fedélzetén, és a bolygó összes többi embere megmagyarázhatatlanul eltűnt volna?

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I find the thought that it's tacky to be a bit puzzling . If I was going to a chain restaurant with a man and had a coupon, I sure would present it.I am seeing someone right now and I have pulled out coupons twice now.Ezt csak egy maréknyi iskolás él túl, akik épp egy hajó fedélzetén utaznak az incidens idején.

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