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This requires the coupling to the plaquette states to induce transitions between hyperfine states.

We focus on a setup of spinless fermionic atoms in an optical square lattice.

Within mean-field theory the superfluid order parameters take the form Δ›/N, and describe the macroscopic occupation of the zero momentum mode for the molecular states.

Then, the Hamiltonian reduces to a quadratic fermionic theory Here , and N denotes the number of lattice sites.

Alongside the tremendous progress in solid-state systems, cold atomic gases provide a different angle when looking at p-wave superconductors.

Thanks to their largely different strengths and shortcomings compared with solid-state systems, cold atomic gases might offer solutions to problems that are yet hard to address otherwise.The most crucial part is the possibility to induce a strong p-wave interaction by the combination of orbital degrees of freedom and s-wave interactions.

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