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Experimenting with colours Always one to experiment, as early as 1921, he made the shift from vegetable dyes to chemical dyes, in the face of weavers’ reluctance. When the weavers observed that the dyes affected neither the shine nor the yarn strength of the silk, their initial hesitation disappeared.

The mixing of dyes also resulted in multiple hues and colours.

It claims to be the only store that turns over its inventory 12 times a year — which means they add new stock every month, as opposed to other stores that do it once in three or four months.

Aware that fashion trends repeat themselves every 30 years or so, Nalli has used technology to track design and pattern changes over the years, record the same and retrieve them when necessary.

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It was an unheard of decision for those days and times but brought the Nalli name added trust.Of late, however, experts are wondering whether Nalli has limited appeal among the younger generation, who are going in for trendier clothing, and associate Nalli largely with ‘wedding silks and dhotis’.