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Ever since its inception in the late 19th century, the Masters in Business Administration is the one academic postgraduate qualification that has never stood still.The constantly evolving requirements of employers, the changing demands of students, and the revolutionary changes caused by waves of new technologies have been met by a willingness by the best business schools to change the what, the how, and (increasingly) the where they teach.But just as employers demand more specialised graduate hires, the students are going to demand a broader range of specialisations to choose from.According to MBA recruiters from major companies, likely areas of demand will be Human Resource Management, Project & Programme Management and Marketing.At over 60 dating, we have more members than any comparable site in the UK.Not only that, we make finding a date much easier by giving you so many different means to search.Wider range of specialisations Highly popular about 10 years ago, MBA specialisations are making a comeback. Previously, most were still related to established MBA topics - Finance, Marketing, Strategy and Technology – all of which are still highly-popular.However, new ones have emerged over the last few years – such as Luxury Goods, Healthcare, Aviation, Education and Energy.

Among the most significant changes to the new core curriculum are likely to include more focus on leadership, entrepreneurship, a broader range of specialist electives (see above), inculcating even greater corporate/social responsibility into each module, introducing multi-viewpoint analysis, managing big data, global/multi-cultural communications and the aforementioned entrepreneurship.Alternative funding sources for MBA studies The AMBA 2012 Salary Survey showed that 29 per cent of respondents received some form ofcorporate sponsorship towards their studies; by 2014 the same survey showed a drop to 21 per cent.New funding sources, such as crowd funding and peer-to-peer lending have evolved over the last couple of years, and are likely to increase in popularity - and are certainly going to become a trend in 2015.The children I see in Jamaica today are passionate, strong, lively, enthusiastic, humorous and continually striving for success but under what difficult conditions and how many obstacles must they overcome?

The Institute of Jamaica (Io J), the agency of Government responsible for preserving the country's tangible and intangible heritage, has been allocated million for a revitalisation project, which will enhance its efforts to promote arts and culture.

Proven Investments Limited has sold the loan portfolio of its hire purchase subsidiary, Asset Management Company Limited, to Access Financial Services for 0 million, a move aimed at consolidating the operations of both companies, says Proven's chief...