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Yes, they might be few, but they exist and they will get there. Then go and check out what real discipleship is all about. People will mock you at best, or even harm you physically. But then again you will find a sort of satisfaction that is beyond spiritual wellness. Because a “yes” might cost you everything – and give you everything: eternal life.Tell Jesus you want it, you want HIM and Him alone and that you are willing to give up everything for Him. A satisfaction that unites you with Jesus’ life on the deepest level – the joy, the humility, the courage, but also the redemptive suffering.

You can’t really say much against it, but then again – also not much for it. Discipleship as the living symbol of the great Christian paradox: Die to live. Who cares that back in the days Jesus could get really angry, spoke about Satan and hell like no other and did not care to shy away butts from the church benches as long as He had it right with God.It’s all about love, forgiveness, nice & touching emotional stories and the like. Lives that spoke through their own examples, sermons that set hearts on fire, evangelizing at the cost of one’s life. Nice meetings, big events that don’t really say much nor do they have any lasting effects, church congregations that haven’t heard the words “hell”, “Satan”, “damnation”, “sin” for decades – not to speak of a godly sexuality and a Christian life. As to the Bible – well, technically it is still around, but man did they make something out of it.Read the testimonies of the early Christian martyrs and weep. Back then it was a book that changed lives and gave people spiritual food. The biblical stories had been written by humans in their own historical and cultural circumstances.Selbstverständlich gibt es da eine Menge konfliktbeladener Bereiche, mit denen viele Menschen Probleme haben: Maria, die Heiligen, den Papst usw.

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Ich nehme die Kirche beim Wort, die so oft betont hat, dass die Kirche - Laien wie Geistliche! 35 GB per day 27 GB per day.